Homemade Ghee

The place i live in, doesn't have stores which sell ghee. The aromatic ghee we get in India. So i tried my hands at making ghee yesterday. I just followed the way my mom makes ghee back in home. And it turned out well. The smell of the ghee just kills :). Though my mom uses moringa leaves towards the end of the ghee making process. Here i don't get moringa leaves either. Here is the ingredients list.


8 0z butter (approximately 225 gms)


1. Take a heavy bottomed pan, keep it on high flame. Add the butter sticks to it.

2. The butter starts melting soon.

3. Keep stirring at constant intervals.

4. Continue stirring. A white foam appears on top with small bubbles.

5. At the same time, the white bubble settles at the sides of the pan. With a spatula scrape the sides and mix it with the foaming butter.

6. At this point, you will see bubbles becoming bigger and it spreads across. White foam disappears and yellowish bubbles pop out.

7. Keep stirring rarely. Let it be in the medium to low flame.

8. Bubbles get bigger and bigger. Scrape off the sides. These are the milk particles that separate from the butter and leave the liquid part to come out as ghee.

9. This is the stage where the maroon color milk particles settle down while bubbles are on top. No need to stir. Just keep watching the bubbles and the aroma that comes out nicely.

10. You can add moringa leaves now. As i did not have moringa leaves, i did not add it.

11. The bubbles slowly disappear leaving behind the foamy layer on top. Just similar to the initial stages.

12. This takes few minutes and once you start seeing the foam clearing away, you can switch off the flame.

13. This is how it looks and right stage to remove from the flame.

14.  Using a strainer, filter out the ghee into a glass jar.

15. The remains in the filter looks something like brown colored powder. It's nothing but the milk particles.

15. Ghee is ready, a gold coloured liquid with a very nice aroma that fills your kitchen.

16. After few hours, it condenses and looks something like this.


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