Beetroot milkshake for toddlers

It is very difficult to make a toddler eat nutritionally balanced diet. Especially if your little one is a fuzzy eater. Over the period of time, you start inventing your own version of food/healthy drinks for the little one. Here is one such recipe i'm sharing with you all.


1 slice of beetroot
1 cup warm milk (250 ml)


1. Peel a beetroot and take a medium slice.

2. Cut it into small pieces. Add it to a mixer.

3. Blend it nicely.

4. Then add a little amount of milk to it and blend well.

5. Filter out the juice using a strainer.

6. Take the beetroot remains from the strainer and add it back to the mixer.

7. Add some more milk and blend well. Then filter out the juice using a strainer. Repeat this process for one more time.

8. There is no need to add sugar to the juice as beetroot itself is sweet and it gives a nice taste to the milk. Pour the milk into a sippy cup or a feeding bottle and give it to your little ones.

9. Here is the healthy beetroot drink for your toddler with the goodness of beetroot and milk. There is absolutely no preservatives or added sugar, unlike the ready-made juices we get from stores.


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