Chocolate dipped strawberries

I once tried to make chocolate flavoured cake. You know what i mean ? Well it's not a chocolate cake, but i wanted to add little bit of melted chocolate to the batter and I used a microwave safe bowl to melt the chocolate. Uff! the chocolate did not melt evenly instead, the bowl started to burn. Never in my world, i know that the microwave needs to be set in the lowest power mode and the chocolate needs to be melted by keeping it in the microwave and check every 30 seconds. Over the period of daily cooking and learning, i thought double boiler method would be the best way to melt chocolates and of course without burning anything!

Double boiler method helps not to burn the vessel in which we melt the chocolate. It is basically a sauce pan filled with one fourth of water and boil it. Once the water starts boiling, place the chocolate containing vessel inside the sauce pan (make sure, the vessel does not slide and get water into it, that is why we choose to fill one fourth of the sauce pan with water) and keep stirring at regular intervals. The chocolate melts in the surrounding hot water and steam. Here i have used double boiler method to melt both dark and white chocolate.


1 cup semi-sweetened dark chocolate chips
1/4 cup white chocolate chips or chocolate chunks
5-7 large fresh strawberries


1. Fill a sauce pan with one fourth of its quantity with water and bring it to boil.

2. Meanwhile, wash the strawberries in cold water and let it dry. You can even use paper towels to pat it dry if you are running out of time.

3. Take a dry clean plate and place a parchment paper on it. Keep it aside. After dipping the strawberries we would keep them in the parchment paper and store it in the fridge for a while till the chocolate sets in the strawberries.

4. In a heat proof bowl, (definitely not plastic or microwave safe bowl) add the dark chocolate chips or chunks and keep it ready.

5. Once the water boils with big bubbles coming out, then place the chocolate chip bowl safely and carefully inside the boiling sauce pan.

6. In two minutes, the chocolate chips start to lose their shapes and begin to melt.

7. It might take up to 6-7 minutes to melt the chocolate chips or chunks to a semi solid state.

8. Immediately, dip one strawberry into the melted chocolate, turn it around so that the chocolate covers all the sides of the strawberry. Only three fourth of the strawberry needs to be dipped.

Tip: You can use a toothpick to insert into the strawberry head to ease the process of chocolate dipping. I have just held the strawberry stems & leaves while dipping in the melted chocolate.

9. Repeat the process for remaining strawberries and place them on the parchment paper.

10. Freeze or refrigerate the dipped strawberries for at least an hour.

11. You are ready to have the dark chocolate dipped strawberries as such! If you are keen in presenting the dish more appealing to the eyes as well to the tummies then go ahead and do the next following steps.

12. Using double boiler method, melt white chocolate chunks/chips and bring it to a liquid state.

13. Using a fork or a toothpick, draw lines over the already dipped and frozen strawberries. You can design it as per your imagination.

Tip: You can refrigerate it before serving or even keep at room temperature for the white chocolate stripes to set in. Since they are fine lines, they would need not go into the fridge for setting in.

14. Tada! It looks great. I often admire the way these dipped strawberries are made in the Godiva outlets. This is just an inspiration drawn from Godiva's chocolates.

This is a perfect recipe for gifting to your beloved ones on any special day! You can alternate the chocolate layering, like dip the strawberries in melted white chocolate first and then draw lines with dark chocolate.


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