Peanut Chutney

Roasted gram or peanuts are commonly used in TamilNadu for making chutneys. Peanut gives a light reddish colour to the chutney as we add tamarind and red chillies. It tastes as good as the roasted gram chutney. Roasted gram chutney is typically made with green chillies. Both these chutneys are made at least thrice in a week in almost all of the houses in TamilNadu. Idly and Dosa being the staple foods for breakfast, these chutneys are the condiments for these breakfast dishes.


50 gms of roasted peanut, salted or unsalted
1 green chilli
2 small dry red chillies
2 tbsp of grated coconut (you can use sliced coconuts also)
salt to taste
1 pinch of tamarind
2 garlic cloves
1 tsp oil
1/2 Tsp mustard seeds
1/2 split urad dal/black gram
1 sprig of curry leaves

How to make peanut chutney:

1. If you do not have roasted peanuts, in a pan dry roast the peanut till they turn very light brown. Let it cool.

2. In a blender/mixer add roasted peanuts, red chillies, green chillies, garlic cloves, tamarind, coconut and salt.

Tip: If you are using salted peanuts, then adjust the salt accordingly.

3. Grind the mixture for less than a minute without adding water.

4. Then add water little by little and grind it to a smooth paste.

5. Heat oil in a pan. Then add mustard seeds and urad dhal. Once mustard seeds start to sputter add curry leaves ( this step is optional, today i haven't added it). Switch off the flame after a minute. Tempering is ready.

Tip: The urad dal in the tempering turns a brown colour and that's the indication to put off the flame.

6. Transfer the blender contents to a bowl and add the tempering to it.

7. Awesome peanut chutney is ready to serve! Today I had it with Dosa for my breakfast. It stays fresh for 2-3 days if refrigerated.


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