Frothy Sweet Lassi

In every fruit shop or tea stall, we get this sweet thirst quencher called "lassi". Usually they add little malai on top of it or sometimes the rose syrup to add more flavour to the lassi. Few years ago, whenever i visit my aunt's place, i go to this particular shop to have lassi even during rainy days as i could not resist myself from stepping into that shop whenever i pass by. Today I'm gonna share one such sweet lassi recipe which is so very simple to make at our home. I know everybody would have tried at your home as well.


1 tbsp sugar
1/2 cup thick curd/greek yogurt
2 tbsp heavy whipping cream/malai
1/2 cup water

How to make frothy sweet lassi:

1. In a glass, take 1/2 cup of curd/greek yogurt.

2. To that add heavy whipping cream.

3. Then add sugar as per your preference. You can either increase or decrease it as you like it.

4. Add water as to fill the glass leaving some room for bubbles. While pouring water itself, you would see bubbles coming out as it has the whipping cream in it.

5. Using a whisk, you can whisk the ingredients together. Or using another glass transfer the contents and repeat it back and forth until the sugar dissolves in the lassi.

6. As we have added heavy whipping cream, it gives nice bubbles and frothy texture to the lassi.

7. Enjoy the sweet lassi. You can top it with rose essence or saffron strands or any dry fruit like sliced almonds/cashews. It's upto your taste and imagination to add toppings. I enjoy the plain sweet lassi.


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