Coconut burfi

Burfi is any sweet dish presented in condensed form. We have about 5 coconut trees at my mom's place and i totally love the fresh tender coconut water from these trees especially during summer holidays. I can easily gulp 2 medium sized tender coconut water at one go. However we had one tree out of five, bearing a extremely large sized tender coconuts. Ofcourse, it has a lot of water in it and at the same time it's so sweet too. Talking about these stories takes me back to my child hood days and makes me stay in that moment. Every coconut tree is unique in our garden. One of them bears orangish tender coconuts and is considered the sweetest of all available coconuts (or as against the green ones).

We also get tender coconuts from the market but they might not be fresh from the garden. There are lot of stories and steps involved in bringing a coconut(or any vegetable/fruit for that matter) from the farm land and all the way to the market place where end customers like you and me buy them. In few cases, it might happen overnight but in most of the cases it might take two days to one week. One cannot gaurantee the freshness of these veggies/fruits and coconut too. In due course of time, the tender coconut water looses it's freshness and it might taste different from what it was like when plucked from the tree.

Coconut is just like onions/tomatoes in most of the south indian families. They add coconut to every other dish right from sambar(only few people add), curry, kuzhambu dishes, sweets and for festivals coconut breaking is a must! During festival seasons, you end up having 2-3 coconuts offered to God and you really are puzzled with what to do with that. Coconut burfi is an easy way to finish off those coconut in just a few minutes of time. Let's see how to make coconut burfi in this episode of my food blogging. Hope you find the recipe as an easy and delicicous one. Here is a scene of me waiting for the coconut burfi's to be cut before they set in.

Ingredients :
2 cups tightly packed grated coconut
1 cup sugar, white or brown
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
3/4 cup water
1 tsp rice flour, optional
5-6 cashews or almonds or pistachios or raisins for garnishing.
1 tsp butter or clarified butter(ghee) for greasing the plate

How to make coconut burfi

1. In a pan, roast the grated coconut for about 3 minutes on medium flame. Be sure the coconut does not change to brown color. It should retain its color.

Tip : freshly grated coconut gives the best taste and a very nice texture too. It doesn't get hardened as the store brought dry grated coconut.

2. In a heavy bottomed pan, add 3/4 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar. Stir occasionally and bring it to boil.

3. When the sugar syrup is boiling high, add cardamom powder.

4. No need for one string consistency. Just see the sugar is totally dissolved in the water and big bubbles are coming out. Now add grated, roasted coconut to the boiling sugar syrup and stir simultaneously.

6. Keep stirring until it all comes together. All the sugar syrup need to be absorbed.

7. If you see after 3-4 minutes of stirring, it is still watery then add a tsp of rice flour. This helps in thickening the mass and absolutely no compromise in the resulting coconut burfi. Trust me !

8.  Grease a plate with butter or ghee and keep it ready.

9. After some 5-6 minutes, i got it all come up together as one mass. Now, pour it into the greased plate and flatten the top surface.

10. Exactly after 5 minutes, run a greased knife onto the coconut burfi and cut it into square shapes. Place cashew or any dry fruit over the coconut burfi.

11. You can leave the burfi as such for let it set in. It might take another 10 minutes.

12. Cut the squares marked on the burfi, and take the pieces apart.

13. Store the coconut burfis, in an air tight container. It stays fresh for a week if refrigerated.

14. Enjoy the sweet with your loved ones, for any festival or when you guest at your home. It hardly takes 20 minutes to prepare.


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