Wheat halwa

Halwa is basically a 3 ingredient recipe viz, flour/fruit base, ghee and sugar. It depends on the type of halwa you are cooking and the few more ingredients get added to the list. For instance, apple halwa needs a pinch of food color and cardamom powder. Wheat halwa needs cashews and food color. Almond halwa does not need any dry fruit as it itself is a nut and same goes with cashew halwa.

Food color is always optional when we prepare such recipes as at home. Because the ingredients of food colors are not stomach friendly and it might result in gradual damage of our stomach enzymes. Hence we just go for preparing recipes with minimal use of food color or nothing at all.

Wheat halwa is all time favourite in my home, especially the ones bought from Tirunelvelli. They are tagged with the place name itself and popularly known as "Tirunelvelli Halwa" which is quite rich in sugar and ghee. OMG! you should try the tirunelvelli halwa atleast once in your life time for sure.

Today we are going to see how to make wheat halwa with step by step pictures and the procedure.


1 cup wheat flour
3 cups of sugar
2 cups of ghee/clarified butter
3 cups of water
A pinch of orange or red food color
20 whole cashews

How to make wheat cashew halwa

1. Take a heavy bottomed nonstick vessel/kadai. Heat it with a tbsp of ghee.

2. In a bowl, add a cup of wheat flour.

Slowly add 3 cups of water little by little to dilute the wheat flour.

3. The wheat flour batter need to be thin consistency as while we cook the halwa, it gets thicker immediately and the wheat flour stays undercooked. Hence we need to add as much water as possible.

4. Add the watery wheat batter to the hated pan on medium to low flame.

5. Keep stirring continuously. The wheat batter gets to thicken immediately if the flame is high. So keep the flame as low as possible and stir continuously thereby allowing the batter to cook slowly without forming lumps.

6. Add ghee at regular intervals in measure of 1 or 2 tablespoons and stir. This might take 35-40 minutes to cook until the raw smell of the wheat flour goes away.

After few more minutes add another tbsp of ghee. Repeat these steps till a nice consistency comes and also the wheat flour gets cooked well.

7. Once the raw smell of the wheat flour goes away, add 3 cups of sugar and stir at regular intervals. Add in some ghee too.

8. Add a pinch of food color, preferably orange or red.

9. Now add the raw cashews and stir.

10. Add a tbsp of ghee and stir on medium flame.

11. Keep stirring till the halwa start oozing ghee from the sides of the pan.

12. Halwa is ready and you can see it drizzles with ghee :)

13. Switch off the flame and wait it cools down a bit before serving.

14. Wheat cashew halwa stays good for a month if refrigerated in an air tight container.


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