Blackberry Orange Punch

Berries contain good digestive enzymes that are really helpful for our digestive system to expel the waste from our body with a breeze. Not that you need to know the exquisite recipes of berries punch, just you can make your simple berry drinks right at your home with all the basic ingredients at your home.



Today, we gonna see how to make this blackberry orange punch.The colors of blackberry and orange is just so contrasting that not only blends with their hues but also in their taste too! You can limit the addition of sugar to this drink as orange juice we add to this recipe has some good amount of sugar in it. In case, if your tongue's sweet buds cannot be satisfied with the "just enough" sweetness of oranges, you can add white sugar or brown sugar or honey.


10 + 3 cup of blackberries
2 oranges
1 tsp sugar or honey
3 cups of club soda
5-6 orange slices, for decorating
7-8 ice cubes

How to make blackberry orange punch:

1. Take about 9-10 blackberries in a mixer or blender or food processor.

2. Add a tsp of sugar or honey. You can adjust the quantity of sugar/honey based on your preference for sweetness.

3. Blend it nicely to a smooth mixture.

4. Add the blended blackberry juice to the serving jar or cup. Then fill the jar with club soda or just plain water.

Just fill half of the jar as we need to add ice cubes, orange juice and some crushed blackberries & orange slices.

5. Then add orange wedges from 2 oranges to the blender, i have used mandarines. If you are using regular oranges, you can just use 1 depending on the size of the fruit.

6. Strain the orange juice using seive and add it to the blackberry juice that is already in the glass jar.

7. Add ice cubes to the juice jar.

8. Add crushed blackberries (use 2-3).

9. Finally add orange slices.

10. Serve the blackberry orange punch with a orange slice inserted on the rim of the glass jar. For that presentation, just slice the orange and cut it one edge till the center and then insert it on the rim.

11. Enjoy this super cool energetic drink on summer days!

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