Instant Idly Milagai Podi / Gun Powder

Gun powder or milagai podi is a spice powder usually made out of dried red chillies, bengal gram, sesame seeds etc., It is a long process of dry roasting all the raw ingredients on a pan, let it cool and grind it to a smooth powder using the flour mill or just a mixer at home. When the homemade gun powder goes out of stock, we cannot quickly fix our side dish craving for the breakfast items like idli, dosa or uthappam. On such days, it is better to prepare the instant milagai podi, this just involves 3 ingredients like garlic, red chilli powder and oil.

You just crush the garlic pods with a pinch of salt and add it to the red chilli powder or sambar powder( this has less spice level), then a dollop of ghee or gingely oil. It just tastes like heaven with soft idlies or dosa. Give it a try and you will go crazy about this easiest recipe and end up making it again and again, especially if you are a working women.


1 tsbp red chilli powder
1/4 tsp salt
3-4 garlic pods
2 tbsp cooking oil, preferably gingely oil/clarified butter

How to make instant idly milagai podi or gun powder:

1. Peel off the skin from garlic cloves. I prefer to have the skin on as it gives the dish a better taste.

2. Add it to mortal and pestle along with salt. Chop it coarsely. I'm just crushing the garlic cloves with salt on my kitchen counter top.

3. Add the crushed garlic & salt to a bowl.

4. Then add red chilli powder. Mix it all together.

5. Now add the oil of your choice. Gingely oil tastes better as compared to other cooking oils. Ghee gives a good taste to the milagai podi as well.

6. Serve Dosa or idli with the instant milagai podi and enjoy!

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