Idly Milagai Podi

Idly Milagai Podi also know as gun powder is a healthier side dish for south indian breakfast items like idly, dosa, uthapam, adai etc. The recipe I'm sharing here is tried and most liked by my family all through since my childhood. Breakfast always has idly and a chutney variety like roasted gram chutney, peanut chutney, mint chutney, coriander chutney. When you laze around on a weekend and really do not want to make these fresh herb or gram chutneys, then you call this idly milagai podi for the rescue and slurp the hot idlies.


1 tbsp gingely oil
22-25 dried red chillies, you can adjust the chillies as per your spice level
1/4 cup rice
1/2 cup white sesame seeds
3/4 cup channa dhal or Bengal gram
3/4 cup urad dhal or black gram
1 tsp. hing or asafetida
Salt to taste

How to make idly milagai podi:

1. Heat a pan or kadai or wok with a tbsp of gingely oil.


2. Add dried red chillies and fry for a minute on medium flame.

3. Then add raw rice. For this recipe, the entire ingredients need to be dry roasted on medium flame. Cooking on high flame might result in burning of chillies and sesame seeds.


4. Add sesame seeds, followed by channa dhal or Bengal gram.


5. Add half a tsp of hing.


6. Dry roast the ingredients on medium flame till it gets lightly browned.


7. When you see the urad dhal/black gram change it's color to light brown, switch off flame. This indicates all the contents of the pan are roasted perfectly.

8. Let it cool down completely, before we grind it to a coarse/smooth powder.

9. Firstly, add only the red chillies to the mixer or food processor.

10. Add necessary salt and grind it to coarse powder.

11. Then add remaining roasted ingredients to the mixer along with ground dry roasted red chillies.

12. Add about  1/4 to 1/2 tsp hing.

 13. Grind the dry roasted ingredients into a coarse or smooth powder as your family likes.

14. Tada! Tasty idli milagai podi is ready in just 20 minutes. Generally, people like the milagai podi in coarse texture. Serve the idli milagai podi with ghee or gingely oil as a side dish for idli and dosa varieties.



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