Blueberry Milkshake

Berries are good for metabolism and hence it's a friendly fruit for weight-watchers. It boosts your energy level too. Here is a simple recipe of  blueberry shake - you can add sugar or honey as per your choice.


3/4 cup  of fresh blueberries
3 tsp sugar or as required, honey can be substituted
1.5 cup of cold milk
whip cream (optional)
Few ice cubes (optional)

How to prepare blueberry milkshake:

1. Wash the blueberries with water thoroughly. Add the blueberries and sugar to a food processor or blender.

2. Add a little bit of milk. Blend it smoothly.

Tip: I’m using cold milk and so not addding ice cubes. If you are using milk at room temperature, then add ice cubes. For smoothie or milk shakes, hot milk should not be used as it curdles the milkshake.

3. Now, add rest of the cold milk and blend it well.

4. Pour it to a tall serving glass.

5. Serve the blueberry milkshake topped with whip cream and enjoy!

6. I'm going to enjoy this health drink by the side of kitchen window - how about you?! Do share your valuable comments.


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