Baby Mango pickle

Summer means fresh watermelons, tender coconut, lassi, mangoes and so on. The list goes on and here i come with the recipe of mango pickle using baby mangoes. Especially when you have a mango tree at home and during the end season of flowering, you will find many mangoes falling onto the ground and wondering what to do with them all. This absolutely no cook mango pickle recipe comes in handy from the tradition of Tamil Nadu. Lets see the detailed recipe stepwise.


2 kgs of baby mangoes/tender mangoes, preferably buy the ones with stem as they are freshly plucked from tree
100 gms of mustard powder
200 gms of rock salt, finely powdered
150 gms of red chilli powder
3 tsp of turmeric powder
3 tbsp castor oil or gingely oil

How to make baby mango pickle in brine:

1. Wash the mangoes thoroughly to get rid off dirt.

2. Let the mangoes dry under fan by spreading it over a cloth.

3. Once the mangoes are fan dried, without a single drop of water add them to a plastic container with a lid.

4. Firstly, add castor oil or gingely oil and shake the mangoes well so that each of them get coated with oil.

Tip: Oil serves as a natural preservative here.

5. Then add finely powdered rock salt and shake well. You can use a clean and dry laddle.

Tip: Use of a wet laddle would spoil the pickle and reduce the shelf life.

6. Now add red chilli powder and turmeric powder.

7. Mix well till the magoes get coated nicely.

8. Then add mustard powder, you can freshly ground mustard powder too.

9. Shake the container well by closing it with the lid.

10. Pickled mango is ready for soaking. That's how it looks in sunlight.

Tip: In next 2 days, the mangoes start to ooze out water and later by two weeks, the pickle water(called as brine) starts reducing in quantity and thicken a bit. Also, the mangoes get soaked in the brine and get shrink-ed.

11. For the next 2 weeks, shake the pickle container once in the morning and once again in the evening. Keep it covered in a shady area outside. Sunlight is not required though. This is how the pickle looks after 10 days.


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