Palkova / Thirattupaal/ Sweet Khoya

Homemade sweets are always special as you have control over the sweetness ( well, i agree you cannot compromise on the sugar added to a sweet recipe) however we can assure brown sugar or jaggery could be substituted wherever possible and free of food colors and any other preservatives.
In today's recipe, i'm going to share about a simple two-ingredient recipe which uses cow's milk - its palkova aka thirattupaal (sweet khoya).

The process is quite cumbersome, however with a heavy bottomed non-stick pan, you can skip stirring quite often and sit back and watch while it gets simmered without being burnt. Choose the right vessel for this dish and you would be rest assured a hassle free recipe. Let's get into recipe and the steps. You can use full cream milk or buffalo's milk instead of cow's milk. Cow's milk gives the best of taste you can ever get! Happy ready and hope you try out this recipe at your home and share your valuable feedback.


1 litre cow's milk
100 gms of sugar, brown sugar or jaggery can also be used


1. Bring the milk to a boil in a wide pan, preferably non stick pan.

2. Then add sugar and simmer down to lowest flame or medium flame so that the milk does not spill over.

Tip: You can place a wooden spatula over the rim of the vessel to avoid spilling.

3. Let it simmer for about an hour. It depends on the quantity of milk you are using to make. Larger quantity takes larger amount of time.

4. Keep stirring intermittently and also remove the thick layers from the sides of the pan now and then.

5. Almost after an hour, its all semi solid now.

6. Towards the end, make sure to stir continuously.

7. The whole thing comes together without sticking to the pan. Well, the khoya /thirattupaal is done. You can switch off the flame.

8. I personally prefer the Aavin paalkova type(popular sweet dish in Tamil Nadu, India) and hence wanted it to be little more brown. I leave it on low flame for few more minutes for that light brown color.

9. Voila! Delicious palkova/thirattupaal/sweet khoya is ready. Enjoy with your loved ones. Kids would totally fall in love with this sweet and is absolutely healthy as there are no preservatives etc.

10. You can refrigerate for about two weeks or use it within 2 days when kept at room temperature. In colder places, it stays good for even 3-4 days at room temperature.



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