Gulkhand/Rose Petal Preserve

Gulkhand is a rose petal preserve made using fresh rose petals. We use paneer rose which is link pink in color as they are from native parts of India. The fragrance of the rose petal once it's preserved along with sugar gives an exotic flavor. Gulkhand can be had by mixing with warm milk .

Few other recipes with gulkhand can be gulkhand kulfi, gulkhand shake, gulkhand ice cream and with your creativity the list is endless.


1 cup of tighlly packed fresh rose petals
3/4 cup of sugar
clean dry glass jar


1. Wash the rose petals gently and pat them dry. I have used fresh ones and they were so elegant.

2. Today i did not wash the rose petals as there were no dirt and directly added them to a mixer and pulsed it for few seconds.

Tip: You can roughly tear the petals using hands instead of mixer too.

3. Take a clean dry glass jar and layer it with some sugar.

4. Then layer it with coarse rose petals.

5. Alternate the sugar and rose layers till done.

6. Cover the glass jar with lid and let it sit under sun for about 7-8 days. Every other day use a clean dry spoon to mix the contents of the jar before keep it in sun for 7-8 days.

7. Voila! yummy rose petal jam/rose petal preserve/gulkhand is ready.


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