Hair Conditioning Oil

In the recent years, I have started preparing hair oil using few raw ingredients that are easily available in our garden. While the ingredients list has endless option like aloe Vera, hibiscus leaves, hibiscus flowers, curry leaves, gooseberry, fenu greek seeds, rose petals, in today's recipe i'm going to use only 3 ingredients.

Hibiscus flowers and rose petals play a vital role in conditioning the hair while curry leaves promote hair growth. In this recipe, you can include the stem part of both roses and hibiscus flowers.


1 cup of curry leaves
1 cup of rose petals
1 cup of hibiscus flowers
1/2 liter organic coconut oil
2 tbsp water or as required

How to make hair conditioning oil:

1. In a blender or mixer jar, add curry leaves and rose petals. Blend them well.

2. Add tad bit of water to grind it to a rough paste.

3. Transfer the paste to a heavy bottomed pan.

4. Start adding oil to the pan.

5. Let it boil on low flame for about 15-17 minutes.

 6. The coconut oil changes its color as the curry leaves, rose petals, hibiscus get infused into the oil.

7. Let the oil cool down completely and let it sit for a day or two after which you can filter it with a muslin cloth or a sieve.

8. It is advisable to store the oil in a glass container rather than a plastic one. For today's batch, i just used plastic bottles.

9. I'm pretty sure this could be made quite easily at your home as it requires easily available ingredients.

10. Prepare this hair oil and you could visible see the results in 6-8 weeks of usage.


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