Bread Halwa

Bread Halwa is a quick fix for your sweet cravings on any given day. Bread is easily available in the stores. It does not consume much time in cooking like any other halwa as the bread is already in baked form we do not cook it more in the process of halwa making.


6 slices of white bread
3/4 cup of sugar (250 ml cup)
1.5 cups of water(250 ml cup)
dry fruits like cashews, pistachios, almonds and walnuts
1/4 cup ghee


1. Toast white bread slices by removing the edges, on a tawa or a non-stick pan.

2. Flip the bread slices, drizzle some ghee.

3. Toast on both sides and keep aside.

4. Onto the same pan, add sugar and water.

5. Bring it to boil.

6. Add bread slices.

7.  Stir gently so that the bread gets mixed in sugar syrup.

8. In a blender, add dry fruits.

9. Grind it to a coarse powder.

10. Let the bread dissolve completely and form into a mass.

11. Add dry fruit powder. Mix it once and switch off the flame.

Tip: You can alternatively roast the dry fruits in ghee in add it. I have preferred to grind it to make it toddler friendly.

12. Tada, Bread halwa is ready!


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