Dry Fruits Ladoo

Toddlers are fuzzy eaters, if not all of them at least most of them are ! Making sure they get the right nutrients in their daily diet is for sure a challenging task for every other mom. Dry fruits and nuts are healthy and it definitely helps in building a stronger immune system. Few kids are fond of these nuts like cashews, almonds, pistachios while other kids are not. Dry fruit ladoo is one such recipe which is made up of nuts and dates and kids like it too.

In my recipe, i have not added the nuts as such or even by chopping them, instead i made a coarse powder out of the nuts and used while making the ladoo. You can even spread it and cut them into desired shapes like burfi rather than having ladoo. Do try out this easy yet nutritious recipe as it contains no sugar and share your feedback. Happy Cooking !😃😃😃


250 gms of pitted dates
6 cashews
6 almonds
6 pistachios
6 walnuts
1 cardamon (optional)
2 tbsp ghee


Take the pitted dates into a mixer

 Pulse it for about 6-7 times.

Add a tbsp of ghee to a heavy bottomed pan

Add blended dates from the mixer jar.

Cook it on medium flame for about 3-4 minutes.

Add the nuts along with cardamon to a mixer jar and grind it to coarse powder

Tip: you can alternatively chop the dry fruits. Here i'm making this ladoo for toddler and hence grinding the dry fruits and nuts.

Add the blended dry fruits/nuts to the pan and mix well so that it blends with the dates.

Cook on low flame for about 4-5 minutes and it will come together as a single mass.

Switch off the flame. Let it cool down

 While it is luke warm so that you can handle it with your palm, take small portions of the dates & nuts mixture and form a round shaped ladoo.

Voila ! healthiest sugar free snack is ready.

Enjoy it with your kids!


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