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Chocolate dipped strawberries

Bitter Gourd Curry

Bitter gourd is a big NO to me when i was a kid and to most of the kids out there! Despite it's medicinal value people think twice before buying it from the market. As far as i know, there are two varieties of bitter gourd, the small teeny tiny ones and the regular lengthy ones. I started liking the small ones once i tasted the curry made using these tiny variety at one of my aunt's place. Since then i insist my mom to buy small bitter gourd and make the curry. Needless to say, it tastes even better when mixed with white rice as soon as the dish is made. It is just heavenly. I have used the large bitter gourd's in today's recipe. Ingredients and the recipe steps are exactly the same as you do for the teeny tiny ones, i bet! Do give it a try and share your valuable feedback. Happy Cooking 😊😊😊. Ingredients: 2 large bitter gourd 2 medium sized tomatoes 2 medium sized tomatoes 4 garlic pods salt to taste 2 tbsp cooking oil 1 tsp mustard and split urad dh

Rose Chia Milk

Chia seeds are high in omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Needless to say they are packed with anti-oxidants and high fiber content of these seeds help reduce body weight. Rose milk is the most favorite drink right from my child hood and even till date! No wonder i go crazy for this drink and the smell of it. When you prepare the rose essence right from scratch using fresh rose petals its even more tasty. But to save time, i had used rose essence to make the rose syrup . Rose chia milk is made using full cream milk with rose syrup and finally adding a dollop of soaked chia seeds. The end product is so damn good that you would want 2 more glasses of it after gulping a glass of this chilled milk.  Ingredients: 2 tbsp rose syrup 1 cup of full cream milk, chilled 3 tsp of chia seeds. 1/2 cup water. Soak chia seeds in enough water for about 2-3 hours in room temperature. Stir well with a spoon after adding the chia seeds to water. Once the chia seeds are soake

Keerai Poriyal / Greens stir fry

Greens are plant based food rich in iron, also to be included daily as part of a healthy meal plan. It helps in digestion and absorbing iron from other foods like mutton, chicken. There are a wide variety of ways to include greens in our diet. Poriyal is one such south indian recipe where the greens are finely chopped and sauted in mustard, onion, garlic tempering and cooked till done. Lets see the ingredients list here 1 cup tightly packed greens, any variety 1 medium onion, finely diced. 1 dry red chilli 1 tsp mustard seeds 1/2 tsp split urad dhal 1 tsp oil 3 cloves of garlic, nicely minced 1/4 tsp + 1/4 tsp turmeric powder salt to taste 1/2 tsp rock salt Soak the cut greens in warm water with a pinch of turmeric powder and 1/2 tsp rock salt for about 5 minutes. This will ensure all the effects of pesticides ( if used in greens) will be gone. Then wash the greens thoroughly and chop finely. Heat a kadai or wok with a tsp cooking oil. Once warm, add mustard

Rose syrup

Sauce, syrups, dips can be home made instead of buying from stores. Homemade products are always chemical free, also free from food colors. I had a long pending recipe to try for almost a year, though it is one of my childhood favorite i never got a chance to make this recipe until today. I was so damn urging myself to make this recipe right away and make " rose milk " using this syrup. Rose milk is one such drink which i cant deny anytime, even in the middle of the night i can drink. Most of my Newyork days i had spent drinking rose milk using roohafza. Back then i was not blogging and hence did not think of exploring recipes and always used store brought rose syrup. Now that i know the process is real quick and chemical free, i'm not gonna buy rose syrup or rose milk outside going forward. Do give it a try and share your feedback. Happy Cooking! 😃😃😃 Ingredients: 1 cup sugar 3/4 cup water 1/4 cup chopped beetroot , water as required to make beetroot ju