Rose Chia Milk

Chia seeds are high in omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Needless to say they are packed with anti-oxidants and high fiber content of these seeds help reduce body weight. Rose milk is the most favorite drink right from my child hood and even till date!

No wonder i go crazy for this drink and the smell of it. When you prepare the rose essence right from scratch using fresh rose petals its even more tasty. But to save time, i had used rose essence to make the rose syrup.

Rose chia milk is made using full cream milk with rose syrup and finally adding a dollop of soaked chia seeds. The end product is so damn good that you would want 2 more glasses of it after gulping a glass of this chilled milk.


2 tbsp rose syrup
1 cup of full cream milk, chilled
3 tsp of chia seeds.
1/2 cup water.

Soak chia seeds in enough water for about 2-3 hours in room temperature.

Stir well with a spoon after adding the chia seeds to water.

Once the chia seeds are soaked well - you can see the seeds to be pulpy.

Filter out excess water from the soaked chia seeds using a sieve.

Add a cup of chilled milk to a tall serving glass.

Add rose syrup. You can check the recipe of homemade rose syrup here.

Mix well.

Finally add chia seeds.

Give it a stir.

Rose chia milk is ready - Voila it's such an amazing taste!

I just cant get over the taste of the drink - slowly took one sip after another without gulping it at one go.

Serve it immediately. Enjoy your drink with your kids/loved ones. This definitely is a hit among kids! Do give it  a try and share your valuable feedback.


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