Detox Juice/Green Juice

Green Juice is so damn refreshing and has got cooling properties needed for our body after eating heavy non-veg meals like mutton or chicken for sure. I went on and on and had 3 glasses of this green juice, the very first time i tried it at my home. That too on a rainy day. Trust me you will love it too and is loaded with super energetic and anti-inflammatory rich ingredients like lemon juice, ginger and curry leaves.

It's a very simple process and all you need to have is to stock the ingredients in your fridge for a week or so and you can prepare the fresh juice daily and the best way to consume is to have it in empty stomach. The medicinal benefits are good and healthy hair, eases digestion, cools down body temperature, refreshing to name a few. Do try out this drink recipe at your home and share your valuable feedback 😊😊😊!


1 gooseberry
half a lemon
1 cucumber
2 inch ginger
a handful of curry leaves, the more you add the more darker the juice will be.
2 cups of water


In a mixer jar, add sliced cucumber.

Then add chopped gooseberry by removing the seed.

Add chopped ginger.

Add curry leaves.

Add 2 cups of water and grind it to smooth paste.

Seive the contents of the mixer jar.

Use a spoon to extract the juice easily.

Pour the juice to a serving glass.

Finally squeeze half a lemon to the juice.

Serve the juice immediately to relish the freshness and goodness of this detox juice.


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