Paneer Soda

Have you ever heard or come across the word "Paneer Soda"?! If you are from Tamil Nadu, then definitely you would not say NO. "Rose milk", "Sweet Lassi", "Paneer Soda" are the words etched in my taste buds as well as in my mind whenever i think about chennai or my childhood days. Paneer soda is one such drink i used to have or anyone in chennai for that matter. It not only quenches your thirst on a real summer day but also leaves  behind an amazing flavor in your tongue. Wow! those days are just wow.

During my summer holidays i always make sure i go for a stay trip to my aunt's place which is about 80 kms from chennai city. It's a beautiful place and you would not find any shops other than this tea kadai (shop) or potti kadai (petty shop). All thru the day, we roam here and there in the sun (no matter what my yells at us to stay indoors, we jump and play in the sun and finally take our aunt to the petty shop to drink paneer soda. Just wonderful memories to cherish. I'm pretty sure, the current generation do not have such experience other than the digital and mobile world. Do try out this simple recipe and share your valuable feedback - it really matters to us. Happy Cooking 😊😊😊


200 ml club soda
250 ml water
100 gms of sugar
1 tbsp rose essence
Few Ice Cubes (optional)


Heat a sauce pan with water and bring it to boil.

Add sugar and let it boil.

Simmer down for about 6-7 minutes.

Switch off the flame and transfer it to a bowl. Add rose essence.

Give it a stir. Rose sugar syrup is ready!

Pour 200 ml of club soda or plain soda onto a tall serving glass.

Add 4 tbsp of rose syrup and give it a stir.

Tada, paneer soda is ready. Add ice cubes if you want. I have used chilled club soda and hence not adding any ice cubes.

The word paneer soda brings back my child hood memories spent in drinking the paneer soda wherever i go. Now its real hard to find these soda sold in glass bottles. Things are changing as ever :)


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