Kalakand is in my wish list for almost a year and today i got a chance to prepare it at home. Wow ! is the word to describe it. In my childhood days, i had eaten lot of this sweet in particular without even knowing the name of it. All i knew is it is a milk based sweet  and i ask for more :)

The condensed milk pack was specifically bought for making kalakand but i happend to have the condensed milk as a breadspread for few days in a row. So before i finish it off with just bread slices, i wanted to make the kalakand recipe and share it here. Hope you give it a try and share your valuable feedback.


200 gms of freshly made paneer, crumbled
150 gms of condensed milk
3 tbsp sugar
7-8 cashews
7-8 pistachios
few saffron strands(optional)
1 tsp cardamom powder
1 tsp ghee/clarified butter


Take a plate and grease it with ghee and keep it aside.

Add condensed milk to a heavy bottomed pan.

I have used amul mithai mate.

Crumble the freshly made paneer with your fingers or you can use a grater if using refrigerated paneer cubes.

Add crumbled paneer to the pan.

Add sugar and switch on the stove with medium to low flame.

Mix it gently.

Paneer starts to combine well with dissolved sugar and condensed milk. You can use milk powder and few spoons of sugar in place of condensed milk.

Meanwhile, to a mortar and pestle add pistachios and cashew nuts along with a cardamom. Crush it coarsely.

Within 8-10 minutes, the paneer starts to come together as a single mass. If you are adding saffron strands you can do at this stage.

Switch off the flame and transfer it to the greased plate.

Top it with the crushed nuts and gently press it with a spoon while it is still hot or warm.

Let it cool down completely till it is set. Once it comes to room temperature, refrigerate the kalakand and slice into desired shapes.

Serve the chilled kalakand, it is quite lip smacking and yummy too.

Kalakand stays good in an air tight container for about a week and if it is refrigerated it stays good upto 2 weeks.


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