Gulab Jamum Cake

Gulab Jamun is anyone's favorite dessert, and in particular, gulab jamun with ice cream is a hit among kids. There is a fusion cake idea with this gulab jamun and its absolutely no bake cake.

Just give it a try when you have enough time as it takes time to assemble the cake, dripping sugar syrup and layering with gulab jamun slices and finally topping with gulab jamun. Wow!

I have homemade paneer gulab jamuns, here are some scenes of preparing the gulab jamuns before hand. You see three different ones, fried ones waiting to be soaked in the sugar syrup, ones immersed in sugar syrup and the soaked delicious ones ready to go into the fusion cake.

Also I have used butter cream frosting with a dash of whipping cream, for this recipe which can easily be substituted with flour cream frosting or whipped cream frosting. Kids will love this for sure and any amateur cook can try out this cake as fun activity to involve toddlers. Just make sure you dont gobble up gulab jamun's in the process of assembling the cake! Happy Cooking 😊😊😊


16 bread slices
30-35 gulab Jamuns
sugar syrup
Whipping cream
1 cup of unsalted butter, at room temperature
200 gms of sugar
a pinch of salt


Cut the edges of the bread slices.

Place bread slices on a plate.

Spoon over enough sugar syrup onto the bread slice.

To a mixer add sugar and powder it nicely. Then sieve the powdered sugar just to get more into it.

In a mixer or a hand blender add butter and blend until creamy.

Then add sugar using a sieve, as this creates more air into the frosting and it will more puffier.

Add a pinch of salt and whipping cream and beat till fluffy.

Now the butter cream frosting is ready. You can always use an electric hand blender or stand mixer for the frosting, if only you have it in your kitchen.

Take a spoonful of buttercream frosting and apply it over the bread slices

Then slice a gulab jamun as seen here.

Place the gulab jamun slices over the cream frosting.

Then place another bread slice over it. Add some sugar syrup over it.

Repeats the above steps for remaining bread slices.

The number of bread slices and the height totally depend on you. You can just make the gulab jamun cake with four breads or 16 breads or 20 bread slices , basically multiples of four to get a square shaped gulab jamun cake.

Once the assembling part is complete, spoon over the rest of cream frosting over the top and sides of the cake and level it well using a butter knifes

To decorate the top part, add halved gulab jamun pieces as seen here.  It’s upto your imagination totally.

Tada! Yummy gulab jamun cake is ready.

Let the cake sit in room temperature for about 6-7 hours so that the sugar syrup gets absorbed well and cake turns delicious.

Serve the gulab jamun cake with some chocolate syrup drizzled over it or just the cake slice as such!


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