Vanilla Panacotta

China grass pudding is on my wish list for many months and today my mom got the China grass strips when she went to the market place and here I’m sharing the r file of my very first vanilla panacotta recipe.

It tasted great with a great jelly texture and the kiddo at my home just loved it, though she had few pieces and then got distracted with another sweet I made.


1 tbsp China grass strips
3 tbsp water for saokin
1 cup full cream milk
1/2 cup heavy cream
2 tbsp sugar
Few drops of vanilla essence


Soak China grass strips into water and let it sit for minutes.

Heat the soaked China grass for a minute by stirring it while on heat.

Heat a sauce pan and add milk.

Add sugar.

Bring it to boil.

Add heavy cream and the heated china grass, simmer down for about 3 minutes.

Switch off the flame and vanilla essence.

Pour it into desired moulds and bring it to room temperature.

Now refrigerate the panacotta for about an hour or till it is set.

Run a knife carefully through the sides and invert the bowl or the mould onto a serving plate.

Serve the panacotta chilled topped with your fruit or favorite syrup like chocolate syrup or strawberry syrup or simply drizzle some honey over it.


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