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Chocolate dipped strawberries

Moringa Leaves Chapati

Greens help our body to improve heamoglobin levels when consumed regularly. They are rich in iron and is part of every lunch meal in most of our neighbourhood. Moringa leaves is exceptionally good as compared to other varieties of greens or spinach available in the market. The juice extracted from the moringa leaves boosts our body immunity and protects us from various illness like cold and joint pain. This is by far from my personal experience. I try to include moringa leaves in my meal twice in a week either by adding them in sambar or making ragi adai or chapati. Today's blog post is on the process of making chapati with moringa leaves. Do try it out and share your valuable feedback. Few side dish options for this roti would be matar paneer , paneer butter masala ,  palak paneer, mix veg sabzi,   shahi paneer, channa masala, dhal makhni and the list goes on. Ingredients: 1 cup whole wheat flour salt to taste 1 tbsp wheat flour for dust

Ragi/Finger Millet Chocolate Chunk Cake

Any day and every day i can eat cake, pastries and ice creams, no matter what! There are days when i dont eat egg or meat and in those days if had a craving for a cake and went ahead to make this eggless ragi cake as i ran out of maida/all purpose flour. Last week i had made chocolates at home and added those chocolates in this recipe instead of cocoa and sugar! Lastly I made a chocolate and whip cream frosting to complete the cake decoration and ofcourse to enhace the cake's flavour. This cake would be so special to me because this is the first of its kind to be made using a pressure cooker in place of oven. How wonderful is that - yes you can also make this cake without oven. Do give it a try and share your valuable feedback. You can also check out my few other ragi recipes here: Ragi banana pancakes Ragi Adai Ragi sweet semiya Ragi moringa leaves adai Let see the ingredients needed for making this pressure cooker cake. Ingredients: 1 cup ragi flour 1 c

Upside Down Apple Sundae

Apple sundae is just a modification of the banana sundae recipe i wanted to try. Since i ran out of bananas in my pantry and had left with dozens of apple, I made this upside down apple sundae this is the most sweetest dessert i have ever tasted in my life. Till today i thought gulab jamun is my favorite homemade sweet or dessert but the sweetness and the taste of this apple sundae has changes my priorities for life..haha :) Here comes the next interesting fact that the whole process took me about 10 minutes. Yeah! This dessert can be quickly put together for those kind of guest who just knock in without prior planning or intimation.  And they would fall in love with this dessert. So what are you waiting for ?!? Just grab some apples and regular cake slices then do try this magic. Happy Cooking! Ingredients: 1 apple 2 slices of plain cake 1 tbsp sugar, white or brown a scoop of vanilla ice cream strawberry syrup to drizzle over 1 tsp butter Steps: Peel the apple