Curry Leaves Butter Milk for healthy hair

Curry leaves are meant to cleanse your blood and improve good blood ciruclation. Not just that, it also helps in hair growth and hair thickness when taken religiously for a period of 3 months - one would definitely notice the enormous changes in their scalp and heavy volume it gives to the hair.

The recipe is so damn simple with just the key ingredients for butter milk which is curd/yogurt, hing(asafoetida), salt and handful of curry leaves. You can optionally add tempering with mustard seeds and chopped ginger to enhance the flavor of the buttermilk.

 I like just it without tempering as it is a quick and easy process; does save lot of time without compromising the nutrient value of the drink. Also, I cant stop myself from posting this beauty from my garden!


100 ml yogurtcurd
a pinch of hing(asafoetida)
a pinch of salt
50 ml water or as required ( you can thin down the butter milk by adding more water, to your preference)
handful of curry leaves ( typically 5-6 sprigs of curry leaves)


To a mixer jar or blender add curd.

Then add curry leaves. Blend till smooth.

Dilute the contents of the mixer with water as needed. Add hing.

Add a pinch of salt.

Blend once.

Transfer it to a serving glass.

Nutrient packed curry leaves buttermilk is ready to slurp!

It also serves as a thirst quencher on a hot summer afternoon.


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