Casatta Ice Cream

Cakes and Ice creams - who can say no to any of these two? And a dessert made using both cake and ice creams  - i would not trade off any other desserts for this one! Here is a tried and tested recipe from my kitchen for you guys. Hope you make this casatta at your home and enjoy it!

I have used three flavors for the recipe -Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate ice creams. More flavors can be added too. A simple sugar syrup is used for today's recipe. You could also use orange juice or any other juice instead.

The taste is better when served immediately or within two days of preparation since it has got cake slices it would loose it's texture and flavor beyond two or three days in freezer.

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200 ml vanilla ice cream
200 ml strawberry ice cream
200 ml chocolate ice cream
150 gms of sponge cake
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup chopped cashews and walnuts( pistachios or almonds can be used)


To a sauce pan, add sugar and water and heat it on medium flame.

Bring it to rolling boil and switch it off. Let it cool down completely.

Take a cake slice and roll it using a rolling pin to make it as thin as possible.v Even if it doesn't thin out, dont worry it is supposed to a sponge cake and it does bounce back when you try to roll it over. Since i have used a small bowl and i wanted them to fit into the bowl easily and it's little my trick to do that.

 Place the thinned cake slice onto a bowl.

Arrange more slices to the sides and bottom of the bowl.

Then fill in the gaps with small pieces of cake.

Drizzle the sugar syrup over the cake slices so that it all get drenched in the syrup.

Take vanilla ice  cream in a bowl and give it a mix so that it spreads well on the cake.

Pour it over the arranged cake bowl.

Then take the strawberry ice cream in a bowl.

Pour it on top of vanilla ice cream.

Take chocolate ice cream in a bowl.

Then pour the chocolate ice cream on top of the strawberry ice cream. You can add more layers with different flavors like pistachios, butter scotch etc.

Take half a cup of cashews and walnuts. you can simply use cashews also.

Chop the nuts.

Add chopped nuts over the ice cream cake bowl.

Cover it with a cling wrap.

Freeze it until set or upto six hours.

Tada! the casatta ice cream cake is set.

Invert it over to a plate.

Slice and serve.

Doesn't look yummy?!

Oh my gosh i'm loving it :)

I just can't get enough of this beauty. Kept gazing this dessert a lot! Even before tasting it. I hope you enjoyed reading this recipe and do give it a try and share your valuable feedback.


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