Egg in the basket

Egg in a hole or egg in the basket is nothing but fried egg cooked in the hole of a bread slice. I have to admit that this is my second attempt of making egg in a hole as my first try did not come out the way it should.  If you are from Chennai you would obviously hear this term "half boil" - and if you are a fan of half boil, then you would love this recipe for sure.

Egg in the basket is a wholesome breakfast when served with a bowl of mixed fruits and a coffee - wow! This is my dream breakfast or brunch you would call it on a lazy sunday morning. All you need is a slice of bread or a waffle and one egg. You can season with salt, pepper and grated cheese which is totally optional. If serving for kids, do flip and cook.

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1 bread slice
1 Egg
a pinch of salt
a pinch of black pepper powder
1 tsp melted butter or cooking oil


Take a bread slice in a plate.

Place a round shaped cookie cutter or any round shaped vessel/mould.

Gently press and remove the center portion of the bread. Do keep it along for frying.

Heat a pan with a dash of butter. Place the bread slice.

Now, slowly crack open the egg and make sure you pour just the egg white. This ensures the egg white gets partly cooked and the yellow doesn't mix up with the egg white.

Then, add the egg yolk.

Sprinkle a pinch of salt.

Then add a pinch of black pepper powder.

Add some butter or oil.

Cook until the egg yolk is firm. Turn off the flame.

Serve the egg in a hole alongside fruits and a hot chocolate or coffee.

If desired, flip and cook until yolk is cooked thoroughly. I made this step as i was serving it for my kid.


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