Moringa leaves juice

Moringa leaves have lots and lots of health benefits.This particular leaf is packed with full of nutrients that helps the body to absorb more iron and supplies vitamins too. The leaves when consumed raw curbs your appetite whilst not compromising your nutritional intake as it provides your body with necessary nutrients for a given day.

I personally experienced it after having this juice as the first drink in the morning. I did not feel hungry and my stomach was upset too. It just flushed out the toxins from body especially the stomach since it is bloated forever after my postpartum. I usually have hunger prangs every morning but today i did not want to eat anything for breakfast at all and needless to say i felt so refreshed and not giddy at all. Do give it a try once in a month or so. It's highly recommended for lactating mothers since moringa leaves, coconut,fennel seeds, fenu greek are a great source that aid in lactation for new  mothers.

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1/4 cup moringa leaves
1 cup water


Remove the leaves from the stalk/stem. Wash them thoroughly to remove dirt.

Add washed moringa leaves to a blender.

Add a cup of water.

Blend till smooth.

Strain the moringa juice.

Tip: you can use the remains from the strainer as a hair mask before hair wash.

Squeeze 1/4th of a lemon.

Add 1-2 tsp honey as per your choice.

Mix well and serve immediately.


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