Kashi Halwa/Ash Gourd Halwa

Kashi halwa or ash gourd halwa is quite popular in TamilNadu. It is served in most of the TamBrahm weddings. This halwa took more than an hour of constant stirring but it's really worth the hardwork. This is a dessert recipe and obviously in my long pending posts list.

Finally got the time to cook it today and in no time finished it off. Halwa can be made with 3 key ingredients ghee, sugar and constant stirring ;). The base for halwa could be apple, wheat, raagi, watermelon rind, green moong dhal to name a few.

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Bread Halwa


4 cups of grated ash gourd
1.5 cups of sugar
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
1 tbsp fried cashews
3/4 cup ghee/clarified butter


Wash and peel the ash gourd.

Using a grater, finely grate the vegetable.

Tip: Do not discard the water.

Heat a non-stick kadai and add the grated ash gourd along with the water.

Cook on low-medium heat with occasional stirring.

The water should evaporate and it almost takes half hour. By now, it gets cooked completely and the raw smell goes away.

When all of the water is totally absorbed, add sugar.

Stir well, sugar starts to melt.

Stir frequently so that it doesn't stick to the bottom or sides of the pan.

Once the sugar syrup thickens, add ghee.

Cook further down on high-medium flame for about 10 minutes.

Halwa changes its color nicely.

 Add cashew nuts fried in ghee.

Mix well.

Add cardamom powder.

When the halwa starts to come together as a single mass without sticking to the pan, it's time to switch off the flame.

Serve the halwa warm! it just tastes so great.

 Do try this recipe and share your valuable feedback.


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