Mango Kulfi

Kulfi is everyone's favorite especially during summer holidays. The kulfi wala usually comes around 9:30 pm and we eagerly wait for it during our vacation. These days we make kulfi at home - I'm going to share one such kulfi recipe here. Since this is end of mango season i just wanted to make use of those last set of mangoes from our home garden.

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500 ml full fat milk
a pinch of cardamom powder
1 tbsp chopped almonds/cashews
3 ripe mangoes
1 tbsp sugar ( can be adjusted as per the sweetness of the mangoes)
2 tbsp milk powder or condensed milk.
few pomegranate pearls for garnish


Heat milk in a pan on medium flame.

Add sugar and bring it to boil.

 Add milk powder and mix well.

While the milk boils, chop almonds nicely.

Scrape the milk layers forming on sides of the pan and add it to the center, mix well.

When the milk gets thicker, add chopped nuts.

Let it simmer down further for 3-4 minutes. Switch of the flame. Let it cool down to room temperature.

Blend the ripened, pitted and peeled mangoes in a mixer and keep it ready. 

You can also use store bought mango pulp.

Add the mango pulp to the cooled milk.

Mix it thoroughy and let it cool down to room temperature. Once cooled down, scoop the mango kulfi mixture into kulfi moulds.

Tap the mould once after filling all of the moulds - just to make sure there is no air bubbles or space in it.

Place the filled in moulds into the freezer for about 12 hours. Now, it's all set.

Place the moulds under running water for few secs so that the kulfi comes out of the mould easily.

Tada! Delicious mango kulfi is ready. 



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